Bullying: When Is It The Parent’s Fault?

Watch the vlog below to hear my thoughts and see what I have to say…

So when is a parent to blame? We all (okay not all but most that I know) try to raise kids to treat others how you want to be treated and when they see (me included) their child or know they are treated someone badly, step in. But what about the parents who don’t, what if they don’t know or choose to be “naive” (aka know but don’t want to deal). Who’s fault is it then?

Bullying is something that is not okay one bit. You can rest assured if my child treats someone wrong it will be made right. What if it is not my child doing the bullying but rather someone else doing it to my child or another child?  Do we step in or just let it go on? What are the boundaries in a situation like this?

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This post is not meant to be offensive and I talked and wrote very neutrally. If you are offended by it is there a reason? Just saying.

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