Bret Michaels chooses wisely????

To think I was not giving this 40 something year old rocker the credit he deserved, he isn’t just about sex, drugs, and rock & roll. He may actually have a few brain cells left after the years of partying. So one of my favorite reality shows is…

which not only starred the lovely and infamous Bret Michaels, but also twenty women who are there to become his “rock of love”. Obviously the first rock of love didnt’ work out so well hence the reason we are on Rock of Love 2. To sum up this season we got to see a french tranvastite (or i think she was anyways), barely there clothes, and of course the tears, yelling, and throwing of drinks (what would a rock reality love show be without those things?)

Well Bret worked his way down from 20 girls to 2. The first being a skanky stripper who obviously is collegen and cilicone filled from head to toe. Her name is Daisy and Daisy is a bit on the dumb side. I just knew Bret was going to pick her because from day one he was “she turns me on” when she does this, her laugh turns me on, I am just turned on by her. Yeah well when you have boobs the size of his head I guess he can’t help but be turned on. She lived with her ex boyfriend in a one bedroom apartment but they were by no means physical in anyway, i find this hard to believe since she is the sterotypical groupie. Anyways, below is a picture of Daisy in all her skanklory.

The other finalist is a pretty normal Alabama t.v. anchor or weather girl or something along those lines (I am sure that job is now down the drain) who is 37 and pretty. I am even amazed she was picked for the show as she is the only one that didnt’ seem to have a screw loose. Here is what she looks like:

On the 1.5 hour season finale it was the 2 girls and Bret and low and behold he picks Ambre! Skank exits stage right. I was shocked and happy all at once. Now for the upcoming reunion it looks like Heather (from last season) basically jumps Daisay and i am anxiously awaiting this episode. I do hope things work out with Bret and Ambre but I will miss seeing those pouty lips of his every Sunday. Maybe Rock of Love 3 will come and Tommy Lee will be the new bachelor!

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    I was SO addicted to this show! I think he choosse wisley. I like Amber. I am part of a social network ( we haev a huge discussion on this.

    We were all so glad it was not Daisy!!!