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Summer is a time for fun, but as a parent I want to keep my kids school ready.  When I push them to read or do some math, they usually follow with a “MOOOOOOOMMMMMM, it’s summer, we are supposed to be taking a break”. I can’t blame them, who wants to sit and read or do math during summer break, but what if it was fun and an adventure! That’s just why Brain Chase will be my secret weapon this summer! They will learn and have fun! It all started with the secret package that came in the mail:

Brain Chase Items

So, what exactly is Brain Chase?

Glad you asked. Brain Chase is a 5-week online summer learning challenge for 2nd through 8th graders. They make learning fun, by upping the stakes with a massive global treasure hunt that you have to use your writing, reading, and math skills to gain hints to where the treasure is. Because kids will be excited about the potential of finding a treasure, they will want to participate, thus preventing that summer brain drain! I know my kids are going to be motivated to stay on top of academics this summer because of the treasure hunt.

What are they hunting for?

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Kids will be looking for hints that will lead one Brain Chaser, to a golden mechanical treasure (yes as in REAL GOLD) AND a $10,000 scholarship and trophy!  While kids are likely to get excited about the Golden treasure, us parents are looking at that scholarship and thinking “Oh how we would love our kids to win this“.

Brain Chase characters

So, why Brain Chase? Did you know kids lose more ground, academically, over the summer than you think. In fact, a 2011 RAND study found that by the end of summer, kids, on average, 1-2 months behind where they left off.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a scary statistic, especially if you have a child, like I do, that struggles to stay on level through the year.  With Brain Chase you will get:

Brain Chase

Learn more about how Brain Chase works in this video:

Because I have kids that learn at different paces, I was a little worried, one would be left behind while the other breezed through the program. Brain Chase makes sure they taylor the programs to each child’s learning needs.  Khan Academy does a pre-test to help students begin in the right place. For reading, participants can choose their own book. The myON reading platform even gives beginning readers the option of having the books read TO them. Students can do anything from early math and basic phonics to advanced Calculus and Shakespeare! They are measured based on effort (e.g., energy points on Khan Academy, active reading time on the reading platforms), not based on accomplishment.


Now that I’ve got your attention, and you are excited about getting your kids excited about learning through the summer, here is some great news!  Early Bird registration is open!! Register now and save Save 15%! Enter code: JUSTSTOP15 Prices are as follows (with the discount):

1 Child: $127
2 Children: $212
3 Children: $296


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Brain Chase wants to give one of you lovely people a complimentary registration! ($199 value!!).  Enter using the giveaway tools form below and get ready for an adventure filled summer of learning!

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    My son loves math and my daughter loves writing!

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    My granddaughter’s favorite subject is science as she is always asking and questioning how things work.

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    I think my son’s favorite subject is history and science in school!