Boost Kid Essentials Review

kids quick snack Busy is an understatement in our household. We are constantly on the go. With soccer practice, dance practice, youth group, church and whatever else happens to fall in our laps, there are days we may not have time for that sit down snack. We need something easy to take with us, something on the go and healthy. Also tasty, tasty is important for my kids. Healthy is important to me. In my kids mind those two things don’t go hand in hand.

Boost Kid Essentials helped us get past that road block with a decently healthy and pretty tasty snack that’s easy to take when we are on the go. It’s no secret I have always been a fan of Nestle products and Boost Kid Essentials is no different.  I have picky eaters so sometimes getting them to eat their necessary nutrients each day is a task in and of itself.  With Boost Kid Essentials that helps a little in the form of something tasty.

About Boost Kid Essentials

Not only is BOOST® Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink loved by kids for its taste, it also contains complete nutrition! It’s gluten-free, lactose-free and great for growing kids — even kids who are picky eaters. Available in vanilla and chocolate, BOOST Kid Essentials Drink tastes great and has 24 essential vitamins and minerals.

I’d say that’s a pretty good fill in snack when you don’t have time to cut up fruit, veggies or make some grilled chicken (bet you thought I was going to say cheese huh). My kids tore right into the chocolate. I may or may not have had one myself. They loved the chocolate flavor and I have to agree it was pretty yummy. We weren’t as keen on the vanilla, it tasted a little medicine like to us and left a bit of an aftertaste, so we will be sticking to the chocolate ones. All good things come in chocolate right?!

We ended up picking up another pack and made a yummy smoothie with it. This is the recipe I used….

Chocolate Banana Boost Smoothie

A quick and easy way to sneak a fruit in on your kids
Servings 1


  • Boost Kid Essentials chocolate drink
  • Bananas
  • Ice


  1. Simply pour a container of boost kid essentials into you blender
  2. Add banana (use less for a more chocolaty taste, more for a more banana flavor)
  3. Ice (We use more when we want it smoothie like, less when we want a milkshake texture)

Recipe Notes

Such an easy recipe to get the yumminess of chocolate and add a little fruit in. Experiment with other fruits, really what can taste bad with chocolate

For those who do like the vanilla I am sure you can come up with a great concoction as well.  For ideas head over and check out the recipes Boost Kid Essentials has on their website.

The chocolate flavor is so good. The size of the drink are not too big for my youngest and still filling enough for my oldest. It’s great for on the go or at home.

As I mentioned I am not keen on the vanilla alone, I didn’t try it in a recipe so I can’t say if that would sway my opinion. It had a bit of that “fake sugar” after taste and I am not a fan of that.

I love that Boost Kid Essentials has so many nutrients and is great for a quick snack on the go. Or even to give a few extra nutrients when we have that never ending battle of “I don’t want to eat the vegetables”

You can find Boost Kid Essentials at stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Publix, or even order on amazon. Don’t forget to check out their facebook page for more information and get your $3.00 off coupon.

*I was provided a Boost Kid Essentials pack to assist in my review.  As well as a gift card to get ingredients to make a recipe with Boost Kid Essentials.  Reception of product does not influence my views and my thoughts are always mine and 100% honest.  For more on my review policies check out my disclosure.

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  1. 1
    hairstyles for girls

    I’ll have to look into this. We have 3 kids playing soccer right now and I can see a quick snack being very helpful.

    • 2

      That’s my boys, it’s great for the quick on the go before practice. And the days we have games with 40 minutes in between (not long enough to leave but long enough to get hungry) they come in extra handy 🙂

  2. 3

    I should try these for my picky kids. They need nutrients like you wouldn’t believe. Great review!

  3. 4

    We tried these too and my kids LOVED the chocolate, but the vanilla was left for recipes only as they weren’t too keen on the flavor.

  4. 5

    What a good idea! Our kids can always use an extra Boost!

    • 6

      It’s great b/c you can just grab and go and us being on the go quite often this is something we get a lot of use out of 🙂

  5. 7

    You can make SMOOTHIES with these? Oh my gosh. I always worry things like this won’t keep us full for long – but with some extra goodness in it – like bananas – we get an extra serving of fruit and stay fuller with good food longer!