Why you ask??  Well because I will be seated here:

For This:

Now if you know me you know I have been listening to Bon Jovi since back in the day when he was sporting this style:

Which of course progressed to this:

And followed by this:

On a side note before I continue does anyone else find it so super sweet that he has been with his wife for SOOOO long..well anyone besides me (I am after all a bit bitter that’s not my face there). Hold on let me fix that:

There that’s MUCH better.  We make a cute couple don’t you think!

Moving on, Yes I am going to be going to see Bon Jovi on April 13!!!!!  I am so excited, I think even more than I was for NKOTB…and if any of you saw any of my posts you know from those concerts you know that means I am ECSTATIC for this!  I will be listening to him and Richie Sambora (okay I know there are 2 other members but they are not on my “I am going to go to jail for stalking these men” list).  But just so I give them some bloggage I must post a picture of the 4:

Well they are all good looking at least!

Now I am hoping beyond hope that the concert will consist of outfits like this:


Or This:


Though I am sure that I am hoping for something that is a little beyond what is typical concert outfits so I will settle for a nice fitted pair of jeans, if I can’t see the tattoo’s I want to get a nice visual of the buttocks. Have I mentioned Yet that I am beyond excited for this.  It’s definitely a 3 camera event so I will be taking them all and maybe my little handheld video recorders too!  With any luck we will head up super early and get there before his buses and he will come talk to us..Me A Groupie…NEVER!   So excited I decided it’s time for some Dancing With Toni: Bad Medicine Style

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  1. 1

    Can’t wait to read about your night! Rock on! 😉

  2. 2

    My mom went to a concert recently. She won tickets off a radio station for the pit. She said it was crazy but she got pulled on stage. She was in heaven!

  3. 3

    He is so FINE!!!!!
    hAVE FUN!


  4. 4

    my friend at work has a HUGE poster from a Cd promotin in her office. I do believe you two would bond over your love for Bon Jovi.
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..I saw a sign =-.

  5. 6

    Laughing out loud at the photo(shop!!!) of Mr. and Mrs. Bon Jovi—too funny!! Looking forward to your report and pics of the show! Did you see Jon Bon Jovi as a guest mentor on American Idol a couple years back? He seems like a genuinely nice guy–and those abs…sigh

  6. 7

    I wrote on your other BJovi post about how Bon Jovi was my first rock concert..but he was another of my firsts too…That very Rolling Stone Cover was the first poster I ever stuck on my wall!! (I remember kissing him every night before bed.!) too funny that you’d put it up here…of course at the concert I bought a big one and a tshirt too. I’m going to see if my mom still has the picture of me after the concert with the drumstick and my own “bon jovi big hair”..

  7. 8

    oh and P.S. my friend just called me to say she bought an extra ticket for me to see Brandi Carslile in concert in 2 weeks. Don’t know if you know her but she ROCKs..
    So here’s a toast to us moms getting our groove on in the upcoming weeks!!

  8. 9

    Wow. I don’t care about the giveaway, I’m just going to come back every day just to look at those pictures!
    .-= adrianscrazylife´s last blog ..Organizing Your Kids – Part II =-.

  9. 10

    I just saw Bon Jovi on the 7th of April! Awesome concert ! We we’re in back of the stage, but literally just yards from him , perfect view 🙂 He sure has a rocken body ~ ~OMG !!!
    His wife is one lucky lady !!