Black Friday Shopping Tips

The day will be here in one week folks. I LOVE Black Friday (and am slowly starting to like Cyber Monday). Though it has taken me a few years to get the best Black Friday plan down. So today I am sharing with you some tips to hopefully make your Black Friday experience a little less stressful, because we know it’s stressful enough with the big crowds.

Tips For Black Friday Shopping:

  • Research, research, research.  Whether it’s through an actual ad in hand or through sites like, you want to have a game plan and make sure you know where the best deals are.  You definitely DO NOT want to head into Black Friday without a game plan, it could end up costing you that one thing you or your kids really want.
  • A lot of stores will have similar deals so when scouring the ads make sure you look for any extra’s that may be added on for the same price.  If you want that XBox 360 look around at all the different bundles available because you could score an accessory or extra game at some places.  So be sure to check around if you are looking for something specific to see if their are any great deals or additions.
  • Early bird discounts, some stores have that (or door busters) where some things that are on sale on Black Friday are even cheaper early in the day than they will be after a certain hour.  Why not save a few bucks if you can?
  • WATCH STORE HOURS!  Every year they are getting different.  It used to always start at 6 a.m., then went to 4 a.m. at some stores, then midnight.  This year I have seen some stores advertising some items going on sale as early as 10 p.m. Thanksgiving night.
  • Make a list of everything you want and stick to it.  Black Friday has such great deals if you go in without a list it can be easy to be swayed to pick up that food chopper because hey it’s only 5.00 today.  If you don’t need it for yourself or as a gift, don’t put it on the list.  If it’s not on your list don’t get it.
  • Dress for the occasion.  No, I’m not talking formal or anything but comfortable and for the weather in your area.  Nothing makes for an “un-fun” black friday if you end up with hypothermia.
  • If you are like me and have several stops, pack a snack.  You will need breakfast at some point and chances are you will either be at a store or driving to that next stop so have something on hand to eat.
  • Map it out.  If you are going all over town start with the most important item on your list first and try to track your way back so you aren’t going back and forth.  If you have something you need after your first stop that would take you back to the other side of town see if you can’t get a friend or family to pick that item up.
  • Watch store quantities!  If a store only has 20 items of something even if the deal is great you may want to forgo saving the money and going where you are sure to get it so they don’t run out too.
  • Use cash (unless you have a reward’s card) and save yourself some sanity.  If you use cash you don’t have to worry about getting each transaction in your check book.  I know for me there are times we have lost a receipt and I had to scour when something suddenly showed up in my statement.
  • HAVE FUN!  Last but not least, have fun, get great deals and don’t get too stressed out.  Black Friday is a great day to get amazing deals but the deals aren’t worth your sanity.
So will you be tackling the stores next Friday?  What are some deals you have your eyes on?
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