Big Brother Is Going to Give Me A Nervous Breakdown

Big Brother I will start by saying I AM A HUGE BIG BROTHER ADDICT! I have watched since season 2. The Will aka Dr. Evil and Mike Boogie made for an interesting and addicting show. I was hooked.

Ever since then there have been seasons I have loved and hated. Cast that I have loved and some not so much. No matter how I feel the show was always one that kept my interest. My all time favorite BB contestant is “Evel” Dick Donato. I was so excited he came back this season and was looking forward to all the outbursts this season was sure to include. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, he had to leave the show early. Though I have an inkling if they do another BB All Star season down the road he’ll be there with bells on.

I have been keeping up with everything BB13 and I tell you what this week I am about to have a nervous breakdown and I am not even in the house. Usually you can tell pretty much who is going home but this week in the updates it’s been so back and forth I have no idea. One minute it’s Brendon for sure then the next it’s some doubt and I am thinking it’s Shelly. I am so excited for tonight’s show.

Part of me wants Brendon to be gone because of him saying he will back door JeJo. What can I say, with Evel out of the picture, Big Brother America sweethearts is who I am rooting for.  But how interesting would the house be with him gone and having to listen to Rachel whine might be more than I can bear.  I have to applaud Dani (even though I’m not a fan, well she isn’t as bad as nails on chalkboard voice Rachel) this week she is pulling some doozies and covering all her bases.  I don’t know who I’d rather see go home out of Brendon and Shelly but no matter what I would love to see JeJo win HOH and put up Kalia, Porsche and Dani. Gonna be an interesting night that’s for sure.

So who’s going to be watching with me? Who are you rooting for to stay tonight? Who do you hope to see win overall? Who’s gonna watch when I make it to the show? Let’s talk Big Brother y’all!

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    I want Brenchel gone, any way it can be accomplished. Didn’t like them as separate players before they hooked up last season, and don’t like them together this season! Blech!
    I’ve watched since the first season, which by far was the BEST, before things got all fancy!

    I think season 8 was the last season that I really loved the cast, since then more houseguests than not leave me wanting more. I don’t know if it is because so many fans play, they all think they have the game figured out. I would like to see a season of houseguests who have watched not ONE single episode!

    I too loved ED, and wish he had been able to stay on the show!

    I will be watching with the West Coast tonight, since I will be working and not home until 10:30!

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      I know ED was my fave, I hope they do another all star just so he can play again. He was/is a character. I can tolerate Brendon but Rachel absolutely has grated my nerves since her original season LOL. It’s funny they think they know the game so well, they make some huge mistakes. I am always on the verge of screaming at the tv to tell them what move to make 🙂