The Best Beach Day Bag Must-Haves

Living five minutes from the beach, it’s normal for me to head out to the beach for an hour of relaxing or even a whole day of fun in the sun! Regardless, of whether I am going to be there alone or with family/friends, there are some much-needed necessities that I throw into my beach bag for a seamless day at the beach. So, today, I am dumping out my bag to show you what I like to pack for our days at the beach.


Beach Day Bag Must Haves:

  • A good book for when you are lounging on the sand
  • Hand sanitizer to clean those hands before snacking
  • A toothbrush and paste because, hey, when I am out at the beach all day I want a clean mouth
  • Lip treatment of some sort. Keeping lips moisturized is so important when you are in the sun
  • Lotion to keep skin smooth
  • Shampoo and conditioner. Yes, I know this seems strange, but I love to have these in my beach bag so I can treat my hair in the showers right when I leave the beach. The beach never fails to dry out my hair, so if I can wash and condition it before I head out, that’s all the better.
  • Not pictured, but definitely necessary: sunscreen (NEVER GO TO THE BEACH WITHOUT IT), water flavor packets (staying hydrated is key), towels, goggles, and of course a Bluetooth speaker to listen to my favorite tunes.
  • Feminine Products. Periods…they are going to happen, so why not be prepared? Whether it’s my sisters or my daughter, it’s best to be prepared. It’s no fun being caught off guard, and with Tampax Pocket Radiant in our beach bag, we are always prepared

What are some of your beach day bag must-haves?

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