Anniversary dinner postponed…(not for the weak stomached)

by a few hours. So Saturday night my husband and I were going to go to dinner for our anniversary. We had been relaxing watching the Wicker Man (which is the stupidest movie ever because of the ending) when it got close to time to start getting ready. So before I go to get ready I went in the kitchen to cut a steak for my oldest son well while slicing I guess in the back of my mind I decided he might like to try a little fresh flesh with his well done steak and proceeding to slice into my finger. Okay well the shock took a second to wear off when all the sudden the pain was horrendous and I saw the blood gush out. All i could do was cry and hold a towel around it, so then my husband decided to look at it and guess what he sees a trip to the ER in store for us, so he proceeded to dress me and our children and we load the van to go to the hospital.

All the while I am freaking out because I watch Trauma life in the E.R. and I know when you have to get stitches they give you a shot in the wound that makes grown men scream so I am freaking out not about my finger (which by this time has become cold along with that whole hand due to blood loss i guess) but about the fact that i may have to get a shot for them to be able to fix it. So I go and wait with people that have been there much longer than me and low and behold i get called back first (I am pretty sure the mom who had been there all day was not happy about this) so they get me back there and look at it, pulling and tugging on it to see how deep it was and it hurt like nothing else when they were doing this. When the doctor finally comes in and says would you rather us try dermabond first (the glue stuff). I let out an almost ecstatic yes (all the while praising God in my head). So they squirt it with freezing water that is supposedly room temparature. Then the lovely dr squirts the dermabond a.k.a super glue on it and give me a prescription for pain pills then i am sent on my lovely way.

And the plus to all this b/c this was a “bodily trauma” or something like that i got pushed to the front of the list and we were in and out of the ER in 1 hour and 20 minutes! So we still got to go to our anniversary dinner. Granted my left pointer fnger is out of commission for a few days but I still got my sushi! Oh and I had to get a tetnus shot! So below are some pictures of my pretty little cut (which goes from about the middle of my nail bed around to about 1/3 of the back of my finger). It is not near as bad looking as it was but it is still super tender. And obviously the pictures are not big so it is super hard to see but you get the idea, and if your stomach can handle it and you want a bigger view just click on the picture. Hmm I wonder what will happen to that nail now??

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