America Joins Together

Come September it will have been TEN years since the horrible 9/11 attacks. With front man Bin Laden #1 terrorist heading up the attacks. At that time I had seen American so united. Over the years it has been on and off of American people being united in things. I wasn’t sure that many things would bring us together again. That changed when I awoke this morning.

Late in the night as I was sleeping justice was served. A justice that we have all longed for. I have seen Americans join together and stand together during this time and it is so touching.A man put into motion a plan to tear down America and instead got a country that joined together. Through turmoil and now through feeling the justice we have all strived for the last ten years.

America is on the same page and united as we should be.We all know this is not the end but we do need to remember this is our country and this is not the only time we will stand united.Thank you to the president who started the war on terrorism and to the president who didn’t pull out the troops. Both combined have played a part in today’s happenings. BUT….

A VERY BIG Thank you to EVERY single military person who gave their lives, risked their lives and those who continue to still do so. I, can say I appreciate everything you do for our freedom and to help others!

Via Flickr:A crowd cheers and chants in excitement at the corner of Vesey St. and Liberty St. next to Ground Zero after hearing that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Bin Laden planned the attacks on Sept 11, 2001 and has been hunted by American forces in the years since. He was killed by a raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan near the country’s capital. The Freedom Tower, the skyscraper being built where the World Trade Center towers once stood, is now 60 stories tall and was lit up and visible from the street. Eventually the Freedom Tower will be the tallest building in the country. (Official Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Randall A. Clinton / RELEASED)

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