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Here at a Daily Dose I am very active in all things Social Media.  One of those things is conferences, company meetings, and even an upcoming photo shoot.  One of the things companies and brands can do to show their support in the social media market is take part in sponsorships for individuals to attend events.  By sponsoring a blogger you are getting not only your brand represented but also show that your brand/company is a part of  the social media market.  We all know the big part social media plays in today’s society so what better way to show your brand/company is part of that than taking part of events through the year as a sponsor.  And having your brand represented at events or in projects where thousands will see.

Currently I am seeking sponsorships for these upcoming events:

I am looking for full sponsorship for BlogHer ’12. What does that mean for you? It means one (or more) sponsors needed to cover my conference ticket, flight, baggage fees, ground transportation, hotel, food, and conference clothing.

Sponsorships are available in full and partial.  As a full sponsor (meaning to cover everything needed for the event you want to sponsor) you will get sole advertisement by myself at the conference and on my blog.  Partial sponsorships mean you cover one of the items needed for the event in full, with this I will be promoting several brands rather than just one.  As a sponsor you receive ad space on my blog, tweets about your brand up to and during the conference, as well as links in posts about the conference saying “(your company name) made this post possible by sponsoring my trip to (event name)” .  I will also pass out any materials/swag you wish to send in accordance with conference limitations.

If you are interested in being a sponsor for any of the above mentioned events please email me at:

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