A Semi-New Look For The Girls Room, Coming Soon! #DisneyPaintMom

When we moved into our current house there was already an addition that made a perfect third bedroom/playroom.  It was quickly made into my daughter’s abode (that a lot of kids spend time in, it being the playroom).  We loved the color, a soft yellow, we knew it would fit with her for years to come.  While she is happy with the combined area, I want to do something a little different to set apart her room from the playroom, make it hers.  Thanks to the new Disney Paint by Glidden, found at Walmart, we are going to be able to do just that.

We headed straight to Walmart to get a look at the different options, I’d say there is plenty to choose from!  What would we decide on?  With choices like All That Glitters, Magnificent Metallic, All That Glows and more, there is no lack of choice.

Disney Paint
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We are going to go with the All That Glitters Top Coat.  As mentioned, her room is such a good color, a soft yellow, that as she grows it can be fit to her current tastes.  Adding a fun topcoat of glitter will be perfect now for her “loves Disney Princesses” stage and can be just as fun as she enters her teen years.  I love that the All That Glitters top coat will work well over her current color, according the the info card it works best over light to medium color.  I knew we loved her room color from the beginning for a reason!

However, if you do want to change up the color of a room, Glidden’s Disney Paint has plenty to choose from:

Disney Paints Walmart

With everything from bright red to soft pink, your room can be painted to perfection!  Get creative and use more than one color if you like!  I actually kind of want to do my room in red, it would be awesome. However, this is about the girl, mom will have to wait! If you aren’t sure about one of the top coats working well with the color you want, head over to Disney Paint and check out the room painter.  You can get an idea of what the look you are thinking about will look like.  Here is what mine will be close to according to the room painter:

Disney Paint Look

It makes me think of sunshine and summer, perfect to grow through the years I’d say.  She is going to be thrilled with the sparkles.  So watch as I show you the process and, of course, the finished product over the next few weeks.

A few things to know about Disney Paint:

  • Disney Paint is a new line of paints available only at Walmart that captures the magic and inspiration of Disney with 112 exclusive colors and five innovative specialty finishes.
  • Disney Paint is a premium-quality, ultra-durable paint that was formulated with your child in mind to withstand wear and tear, as well as repeated scrubs and washes. Scuffs, crayon and pencil marks, little finger prints, and tough stains, such as grape juice, wash off easily without removing the magical color.
  • Disney Paint is low odor and has no VOCs.
  • Disney Paint has a distinct collection of colors grouped into palettes designed to give your children options at every stage of style. The diverse palettes make decorating with your child – no matter the age – easy and fun.

**Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.

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  1. 1

    I did my daughter’s room in a vibrant watermelon pink… sometimes I wish I went with something a bit less shocking. Love this yellow.

  2. 2

    How exciting?! I cannot wait to see the pics.

  3. 3

    I can not wait to see how this turns out! I love the thought of adding Glitter to paint. Aubrey would love this.

  4. 4

    I love the Disney paints! I used ‘Christopher Robin’s Swing’ in my downstairs bathroom and ‘Hummy Day’ yellow in my living room when I bought my current house.

  5. 5

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  6. 6

    I haven’t seen this yet! Looks cute

  7. 7

    I had no idea that Disney had its own paints. I can’t wait to see how it turns out

  8. 8

    I *really* want to see how this turns out. We are gearing up to repaint all the rooms here and my daughter would LOVE this.

  9. 9

    Can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

  10. 10

    I can’t wait to see how it comes out.

  11. 11

    These looks amazing! Love Disney anything!

  12. 12

    I used glidden last yr in my boys room and I thought it turned out great and that was until I put posters up and the tape pealed the paint right off the wall. good luck

  13. 13

    Oh my, am I too old to have “All That Glitter” in my office???

  14. 14

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  15. 15

    Okay I want a glitter top coat for MY room! But really, that sounds super cute!

  16. 16

    The house we’re living in now we have done NO painting in 7 years. We had all the walls painted one neutral color when we purchased it and I just put up decals in my daughter’s room and in the dining room. I know we’re probably going to have to paint some rooms in our next home though, I’m a ‘reluctant’ painter, so I’m not really looking forward to it LOL!

  17. 17

    I love the glitter top coat! I want to get it for my daughter’s room!

  18. 18

    can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  19. 19

    I had no idea Disney made paint! I bet it’s going to look spectacular.

  20. 20

    Love the yellow! But gonna be a party pooper here, what happens when she’s over glitter? you’re kinda stuck with the texture that imparts on to the walls unless you do a heck of a lot of sanding?

    • 21

      LOL if she is anything like me, she will love glitter through high school, just not so much the princesses LOL. If not, I see a whole new feature coming to the blog later 😉

      • 22

        I see DIY becoming a brand new section !

        • 23

          You know what, with the freshness of a new look, ANYTHING is possible and all those DIY things I always say I am going to do…maybe I just will LOL

  21. 24

    So excited that you are experimenting with the glitter paint. Can’t wait to see the results.