8 Year Old Gets Botox!!!!!!!!!!!! Moms Do It For Pageants

I am almost speechless. And that is precisely how I feel, the look on my face says it all when I watched this video:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! If a child needs it for nerve/muscle conditions that is one thing but for a child with no medical need for this getting botox is angering!

I have always been one to stand up for pageants, I have put my daughter in two but she was natural. No make up, no fake hair, no fake teeth so it can be done. This is something I can’t stand up for. Really!!!! Do moms like Brittany’s feel the need to live so vicariously through their children they are now starting them with early esteem issues.

Have I mentioned wanting botox now that I am older, sure. But if I had been brought up to think I needed botox when I was that age there is no telling what I would be doing to myself now. I can assure you I would have found every imperfection no matter how small if my mother had started something like botox at this young of an age.

This is why pageants get the bad raps they have. Mother’s taking it to these extremes in hopes their child wins. I have a feeling this poor girl is going to grow up with a very bad complex and some major esteem issues. I only hope I am wrong. I want my daughter to know she is beautiful without makeup and other things. She is beautiful just the way she is. I feel like that is the lesson parent’s like this are not teaching their children.

I am so angered over this and yet my heart hurts. I hurt for this little girl who was introduced to something much too young. For Britney to say this after she has had a botox treatment “It looks way better. Like beautiful, pretty – all those nice words,” well is just plain heartbreaking.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Please share them in the comments.

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    I agree with you. This is crazy and teaches girls nothing valuable. Society is hard enough on little girls, let alone mothers doing things like this to them. I know what it’s like to feel bad about myself and wouldn’t want my daughter or any little girl to feel they are less than beautiful.

    We have a woman in the area who puts her two daughters into pageants but with the fake hair and tons of makeup, not just for the pageants but most of the time. Their pre-k and kindergarten pictures look ridiculous because they are wearing so much makeup. They look more like head shots for modeling.

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    I saw this on GMA and was outraged as well. I hope her mother wises up before her daughter grows up looking at her body as one big imperfection that has to be sad!

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    It’s heartbreaking. I heard about this story earlier this morning and was outraged. ‘Who in their right mind would do that to their child?’ I thought. But then it hit me, clearly this woman has deep rooted issues that she is no doubt passing on to her daughter. It’s a sad situation that will be not fixed easily.

    I have wanted to get my daughter into pageants for a while, but now, it makes me fearful for my daughter. I don’t want this to be what she sees. I want her to have a healthy body image.

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    After reading this article, it truly is disturbing and at the same time, heartbreaking. How could a mother do this to her own 8-year old child? This would surely cause a lot of trauma to the child. Hopefully, there aren’t anymore moms who do this same thing to their kids.

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    Now this is surprisingly interesting that kids using Botox, what the parents are thinking now a day. Kids look cute and adorable on their own, without the use of any kind chemicals. This is alarming to know that this product that was a magical tool for people of older ages is being used on children. Basically used for removing wrinkles, makes sense that the people of older ages use this but children using it? Why do they need to look the extra beautiful? They already are.