4th tattoo and more to come…

though I will let my body rest for a bit I suppose. So yesterday I went to Triple A tattoo’s in Rogers and got my 4th tattoo (i have 3 tattoo’s on my front tummy/hip area) and got it on my lower back. Man I tell you what you have to be one good artist to do this tattoo thing. Dustin Gray, the wonderful artist who tattooed me drew the most amazing picture, I took him a few ideas of what I wanted and he drew up the most beautiful tattoo. I knew I was going to get it on my lower back because I have always wanted one there. Well he laid the stencil on my back and I braced myself for the inking. Well I got through the outline and shading just fine needing only 1 break so i could get the blood flow back to my feet (i was too short to reach the little stool to set them on). By this time it was about 5:00 p.m. (I had been there since 2) and now the fun part, the coloring, was starting. I guess by this time my little back became so tender and my adrenaline finally wore off that I thought “oh my god this feels like a hot razor going over my back” So what do I do I resort to “meditation breathing”. WEll I guess Dusting could tell I was breathing a bit unnormally and checked to make sure I was okay, to which I replied “Yes I am just trying to focus on breathing like they teach you for lamaze, I figured it helped me through contractions so maybe it can’t help me deal with this” To which he laughed. During the coloring phase I needed about 4 breaks (sad huh LOL). 3 of those were to pee, my bladder obviously didn’t like what was going on. Well finally about 7:30 p.m. he finished his work of art and I could not be more happy, it is absolutely beautiful.

During the process he did manage to have me cracking up, I found out he loves the geico cavemen commercials, he loves to watch Scrubs, My Name is Earl and The Office. I learned of a hookah bar in the area (a place where you can smoke flavored tabacco). Among many other little tidbits. All in all it was a great experience and I am so happy with my tattoo. Here are the pictures of it below (myself and the tattooist), the stencil and the finished product:

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    Ok, that’s so cool but it had to have hurt.