4 months and 9 days until i am on the beach

So that being the case, it is time for swimsuit decisions, why must everything be so difficult. As if decided what to wear on a daily basis is not hard enough already then we have the almighty swimsuit that is for one season (well maybe 2 depending on where you live) of each year and we women fret and fret over finding the perfect suit to hide our flaws and enhance our assests. And as fate would have it we can’t just see one and it be perfect, no we must try on dozens and dozens of these so called cute things…hmm I am beginnng to think the 1950’s had the right idea for bathing suits. Well just to show you how hard this is, from one store i have found 10 yes 10 bathing suits that i like, now i must continue looking because like everyone else on the beach i have to have the cutest suit dont’ it.

So men, when you think you have it hard b/c you can’t decide on a black or white tank top to wear to the beach with your black or brown swim shorts stop and thank the heavens above that you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect color for your skin tone or the right fit for your chest. yes you have it easier and you even get to walk around topless in the summer so you dont’ die of a heat stroke.

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