31 Days of Holiday Movies + Netflix Brings Back Classic Cartoons

Netflix Holiday Movies

netflix holiday

I love that Netflix put together that schedule of holiday movies makes it easy to plan. You can even have themed dinners or snacks with your films, that would be an excellent way to add some extra fun to your family fun night. Of course Netflix isn’t just Holiday movies, they are TV shows, comedies, romances, and more. I am excited to tell you today about something Netflix brought to the table that brings me right back to my childhood!

Last week, I received a fun package that made me a little nostalgic:

Retro Netflix

It was full of fun items that reminded me of my childhood. Why? Because…

Netflix Cartoons

Netflix has Popples and Care Bears and Cousins now streaming on Netflix. I can’t tell you how many episodes of both shows I watched growing up or how many toys based on the shows I owned. I was very giddy, as was my daughter when the package arrived. It included Care Bear Hug Me shirts, pins, a Rubix cube, push pop, bracelets, scrunchies, shrinky dinks, and Popples toy. It was truly a basket made for 80s/90s kids. We immediately jumped on Netflix and started watching, because it was high time I introduced my children to these classics!

Popples on Netflix Netflix Care Bears & Cousins

Favorite characters from the shows were immediately pointed out, and I watched as my daughter (who is my youngest) had the same look of happy that I did when I was a kid as she watched the shows. I love that my children (even the ones who they are too old) get to experience the shows I loved as a kid. Thanks to Netflix for our fun package and I can’t wait to see what other shows they bring back!

Have you checked out any holiday movies on Netflix or the two cartoon series I mentioned above?


**As part of the Netflix Stream Team I received a new TV, a year membership to Netflix, and other fun goodies. All opinions are always my own and I would share anyways because I love Netflix**
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