2017 Blue Angels Air Show at Pensacola Beach

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Photo credit U.S. Navy press site

It’s almost that time again; The Blue Angels will fly across the Gulf coast of Florida as thousand of fans look on from Pensacola Beach. The Blue Angels Air Show on Pensacola Beach is something locals and tourists look forward to every year. Flown by the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squad, it’s truly a spectacular event. To see not only The Blue Angels but other planes take to the skies performing aerial acrobatics and amazing tricks is something that draws a huge crowd every year.

I love getting to hear the roar of the engines and watch the formations that are in perfect symmetry. Watching the Blue Angels always makes me hold my breath, they get so close to each other you can’t help but gasp.

The Blue Angels Air Show on Pensacola Beach will be on Saturday, July 8, 2017, this year. But be warned, you will want to arrive early. In years past, on the main show day, the beach parking lot has filled up by 5:30 a.m. The Blue Angels will fly at 2 p.m, but the show will start at noon. If you want to go out on Thursday and Friday, the crowds will be slightly less (not by much), but you’ll get to see the full dress rehearsal!

While the main parking lots fill up fast, you might get lucky and find parking in one of the other lots. No worries, though, they have trolleys that can take you to the main beach from said parking lots.

Blue Angel Air Show Tips:

  • Stay hydrated. Grab a few water bottles and keep extra water on hand to keep them full. I go for the insulated ones that keep ice and water cold all day, but just make sure you have plenty of water to keep you hydrated because our Florida heat is no joke.
  • Lather Up. Our Florida sun is fun to play in, but when you are out all day, your skin will be screaming if you don’t protect it. Be sure to pick up sunscreen and reapply often throughout the day. Keep your skin safe and protected! Make sure to have an umbrella or tent to sit under too, trust me, you’ll want to escape from the sun. When you have to be out there from 5:30 in the morning to say 4 in the late afternoon, any reprieve from the sun is going to be appreciated.
  • Don’t forget the towels and chairs. Sitting on the sand all day is not fun, so make sure to bring some beach towels and chairs to keep the sand at a minimum when you are chilling out with friends and family.
  • Food, it’s a must. If you are going to be out at the beach all day long for the Blue Angels Air Show, you will want to pack food. It’s much less expensive to carry meals and snacks in a cooler vs. eating at the restaurants, plus the waits are going to be long! We usually take sandwich stuff, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, chips and other easy snacks. The kids can enjoy playing in the water and then sit in the shade and eat when they get hungry because you will have everything right there.

So, get ready to enjoy the Blue Angels Air Show on Pensacola Beach. Watch as the best flyers in the world take to the skies to show you the skills they have. It truly is an impressive show and something one should try to see at least once in their lifetime!

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