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Top Disclosure

Wednesday was a sad day indeed. 3 months ago I went from crappy van to an AWESOME 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited. Now this has to be reversed  “Goodbye pretty new van, hello old van”…
New Mini Van

Unfortunately, I had to go back to crappy van, as my time with the 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited came to an end. Let me excuse myself, so I can go wipe the running mascara away from my eyes………

Now that I look and feel a bit more fresh, let me share with you my top ten reasons why I love the 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited. I will showcase a few photos through the post, but they really don’t do this van justice, you need to head to your local Toyota dealer and check one out in person. Now I continue with my favorite features

1. Safety features galore. A rear backup camera, with alert, lets you see and hear if cars are coming along as you are backing out. The blindspot monitor, flashes yellow, when cars come up beside you, I LOVED this feature. More safety features that make me want the Sienna are: Anti-lock Brakes, seven airbags throughout the car, safety connect, and the pre-collision system. Also, with the steering wheel controls and voice activation for things like navigation and making phone calls there is no reason for the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel. Control the radio, make calls, speak in addresses, make for a safer driving experience. There are so many other safety features and you can read about them on Toyota’s website.

2014 Toyota Sienna Entertainment
2. The entertainment system. We didn’t get to give this thing a full run, to be honest. However, there were many hours of DVD watching in the Toyota Sienna Limited. The screen is wide and can be split into two screens if you have kids with different tastes, or if someone wants to play a game while the others watch a movie. With wireless headphones, and plug-ins for wired headsets, those sitting in the middle and back row can be entertained while riding and the front passengers get another treat.

2014 Toyota Sienna Sound
3. The radio/cd/sirius/bluetooth combination. Okay, yes, I know that’s not the technical name for it, but I like my way of wording it. With so many options from listening to local FM/AM stations or 80s on 8, to picking a CD or listening to your favorite playlist from your phone, the sound system is perfect for music lovers like myself. With a speaker system that give you clear sound and adjustable options, this is possibly one of my favorite parts. As the driver 90% of the time, I couldn’t watch videos so music was my vice.

4. Keyless Entry and Start. I loved that I could throw my keys in my purse or pocket, when I left the house, and just touch the handle and voila it would open. Even better, it would only open the driver door if that was the side I was getting in on. A great safety feature. If I went to the passenger side, it opened all doors. Also, keyless start. My keys could stay in my purse and all I had to do was push on the break and push the start button and off we would go. Of course, that’s thrown me for a loop going back to my old vehicles 🙂

5. Dual Sunroofs & Cup Holders. I loved that the front and back had sunroofs. No matter where you were in the van you got to see the sky when the sunroofs were opened. They are great for sunny, beach days or having a movie night under the stars. In the 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited, there are 10 cup holders…yes 10! Perfect for long road trips!!!

Toyota Sienna

6. ROOM. With a family of 5, it doesn’t take long for fights to ensue, between the kids, when we are in close quarters. I love how roomy the Sienna is. Two front seats, two middle row seats, and a bench backseat (fits 3) means everyone, in our family, gets their own space. There is no “He’s squishing me” “Mom she is on my side of the seat”. It’s been a nice roomy, comfy ride on our road trips.

Middle Row Toyota Sienna

7. Comfort. The entire vehicle offers comfort thanks to reclining and height adjustable front seats. The driver seat has lumbar support, which is amazing for long road trips. The middle row seats, have foot rests**, yes just like at home when you put the foot rest on your recliner up and recline back. That is what the middle row is like, in the Sienna limited. The third row seats even reclines, as well. That’s not been the case in most vans I have driven, so I loved the fact that the person in the back didn’t have to sit straight up the entire trip. The 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited is built for comfort, and as a family who travels quite a bit, that’s a big plus. Not to mention the heated front seats, those really came in handy as we traveled to cold states. The dual temperature control front system with rear controls, makes it easy to appease almost everyone. It never fails that one of us gets hot while the other is cold. Now the driver and passenger can set their own temperature and those in the rear have their own controls.

Travel Blogging

8. Stay charged. With usb ports, two 120V AC power outlets, I can work while I ride. During our 12 hour drive to Arkansas, while the kids were entertained in the back and the husband took control of the radio, I was able to work. Now, normally, that would mean working until my iPad or Macbook died, but thanks to the ability to plugin and charge, I was able to work most of the trip and rest in between. This was also great for charging the kids DS systems and if you decided to bring something like a PS3 on a trip you are good to go!

9. It’s electric. Power sliding doors on both sides and a back gate that opens and closes with the push of a button makes for easy loading. I can’t tell you how many times, in the past, I have had my hands full and have to set everything down so I could open my door. With the power sliding doors and back gate it makes loading anything big or small much easier. Also, the third row is easily stowed with the push of a button, if you need extra space for something like a bike, it’s easy. You can also program the driver seat to two different people so when you get in, you press 1 or 2 and it auto goes to the setting that person fixed.

Toyota sienna Storage

10. The storage. As I mentioned, you can put the third row completely flat (as in it goes into the trunk area).  You can also just press the button to fold them forward against the second row, if you need more room than the trunk but not so much to need them flat. The trunk area, can hold a lot. We are a family who never travels light, whether on a road trip or around town. The 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited offers an over packer, like me, a dream trunk. Most vans trunk area,starts at about the level the seats sit, not this van.  The Sienna has a deep trunk and is meant to carry luggage, groceries, beach toys, and so much more. They could sell me on this van simply for the storage available.

I know this has been a long post but there are so many things about the 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited that I love and I didn’t even get to share them all. Maybe, if I get one to keep, you’ll see many more posts from me. Now, excuse me while I go pout because of having to go back to my old van.  If you are looking for a great family vehicle, definitely look into the Sienna, it’s one I will own one day!!

Disclosure: I received a 2014 Sienna to drive for 3 months.  All views & opinions are my own

**Please note, Toyota does not approve of using the footrests while driving, so please only do that while parked.  Safety first!**
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    That’s incredible! I think I could LIVE in it!

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    We’re going to be purchasing a new vehicle next month and this one looks worth checking out.

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    I love the separation between the middle row seats

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    What a great insight into one of the most popular Minivans on the market for Orlando vacationers.
    We’ve shared your FB article (hope you don’t mind) as we often get asked about luggage space and general passenger space by travellers worried about the right vehicle to take from the airports.

    Thank you!